Twitch streamer hospitalized after being wiped out in road accident

motorbike crash on twitch crazytawnTwitch: CrazyTawn

A Twitch streamer was left injured after being wiped out while riding a motorbike in Thailand, leaving him hospitalized and very much worse for wear.

While Twitch is typically known to be a platform for gamers to stream their gameplay, be it from high-kill games in Warzone 2 to showing off the new World of Warcraft expansion, there’s a lot more to the platform than that.

In recent years, the Just Chatting category has become extremely popular, consistently pulling in far more viewers than even the most popular games.

Due to that, there are always some wild things that happen in the real-life content that has become so widely viewed on Twitch, and this streamer found himself in a far worse situation than he would have hoped for when he clicked ‘Go Live’ on Wednesday, November 30.

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Riding his motorbike through Thailand, CRAZYTAWN attempted to get past another biker, who was edging out around a slower van, when said biker didn’t check their surroundings and went straight into the side of CRAZYTAWN.

The streamer went flying, and the feed to his stream immediately cut out, with just a black screen and no audio for some time following the accident.

TAWN was still live several hours later, however, out of the hospital and patched up, with a fractured wrist and gashes on his arms and legs, but not looking all too bad considering what he had gone through.

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Evidently, the accident wasn’t too damaging, though he’ll definitely want to take it easy for the next few days and not risk something similar happening again.