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Twitch streamer has unique way of asking for Partnership

Published: 3/Dec/2019 19:47

by Virginia Glaze


One Twitch streamer hasn’t had her request for Partnership with the site approved – so she’s taking matters into her own hands in a creative way.

Twitch offers streamers a myriad of ways to monetize their content on the platform, two of which call for them to meet certain requirements to boost their status with the website.

After keeping a consistent streaming schedule, reaching a set number of regular viewers, and maintaining a certain follower count, broadcasters are able to meet Affiliate and, later on, Partnership status – although not every streamer is “brand-friendly.”

TwitchTwitch streamers can reach Affiliate and Partner status with the site after meeting certain requirements, as listed above.

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One Twitch streamer is seeking out Partnership status with the platform but hasn’t had her request approved just yet – but that isn’t stopping her from pleading with the website in a unique way.


California-based streamer “DJ Lark,” as she is so-named, is a disc jockey who streams her mixes live on Twitch for an audience of over 5.3k followers.

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Specializing in electro house, trap, bass, and metal, DJ Lark has only ever performed for her live stream after being introduced to disc jockeying in 2019 – and she’s using her newfound passion for the art to plead with Twitch for potential Partnership.

Lark posted a video to Twitter on December 2 where she tagged the site, writing, “Hey Twitch since u haven’t replied to my partner app, figured there’s still time to win u over.”


In her minute-long video, Lark put on a mix that included rapper 50 Cent’s “Disco Inferno” before humorously transitioning to The Smith’s “Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want,” staring pointedly at the camera as the song played without making a move.

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Considering the unique nature of her content, it comes as quite a surprise that DJ Lark isn’t yet Partnered with Twitch – a sentiment echoed by many commenters online, who are equal parts shocked and hopeful that she will receive the coveted status soon.

DJ Lark’s skills are even more impressive considering that she mixes without the use of headphones, preferring to “read soundwaves and rely on matching the songs as as fast as possible.”


larkislive, InstagramDJ Lark streams her mixes on Twitch, and is hoping to reach Partnership with the site.

Only time will tell if Lark will actually become a Twitch Partner – but hopefully, her hilarious request will reach the site’s moderators sooner rather than later.