Twitch streamer goes viral after rogue mouse ruins Christmas dinner

Mouse on a plate

For most of us, Christmas Day is supposed to be the most relaxing day of the year. Unfortunately for Twitch streamer Hollycannabis, her roast was completely ruined after a mouse jumped into her oven.

Normally at Christmas, you’ll see Twitch streamers taking a day off to enjoy the festivities and recharge after a long year of being in the public eye. This can provide less popular streamers the opportunity to showcase their talents to a wider audience, as viewers look for entertainment elsewhere.

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This was such an opportunity for someone like Hollycannabis. She’s a streamer with 8.6k Twitch followers who mainly features in the Just Chatting category, although she has previously streamed horror title Dead by Daylight.

For Hollycannabis, who was probably expecting a chill stream and an opportunity to showcase her cooking skills, her relaxing Christmas Day stream was about to be ruined by a pesky rodent leaping from a kitchen drawer and into her oven.

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It wasn’t going to be ratatouille for dinner, though. The mouse seemed to escape from the oven, as it wasn’t in there when Holly went back to check. In fact, it seemed to disappear completely off the face of the earth, as it wasn’t in the oven nor the draw underneath.

But then, five minutes after the initial trauma had subsided and armed with a pair of tongs, Holly summoned up the courage to investigate the draw under the oven again. The mouse had managed to hide underneath a baking tray, and immediately went dashing back under cover.

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Holly looked to her audience for help, as she asked: “Guys I’m f***ing terrified. What do I do?”

Disappointingly for Holly, she wasn’t able to sit down and relax with a Christmas dinner afterwards. She said: “It took three-and-a-half hours to prepare and it’s ruined.”

This mouse debacle probably isn’t the kind of Twitch fame Holly had in mind. Either way, it’s a Christmas she will likely never forget.

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