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Twitch streamer goes viral after chat trolls him with jumpscares during horror game

Published: 10/Apr/2021 0:27

by Tanner Pierce


One Twitch streamer who was playing a horror game that detects live mics has gone viral on TikTok and Reddit after his chat trolled him by playing loud and obnoxious noises, which resulted in some pretty hilarious moments.

Horror games that detect live mics are all the rage these days. They are nothing new, but the ability for a game to detect the noises coming out of your mic, however faint, almost always add a new level of depth to the experience. But if you’re a streamer, this could mean that you get easily trolled by your subscribers.

A new clip is making its way through the internet from Twitch streamer Koooyaa and perfectly demonstrates the aforementioned problem. In the clip, Koooyaa is playing a game called Escape the Ayuwoki, which can use your mic so that the main creature can find you.


Why you don’t add sound emotes when live streaming a horror game from r/perfectlycutscreams

During an incredibly tense moment where the creature almost finds him, a member of the chat played “fart” noise, as well as one that played Michael Jackson’s iconic “hee hee” sound. Of course, Koooyaa doesn’t react too kindly, cursing out the chat members who did it in the process and exclaiming “you guys are gonna get me killed!”

While it’s unclear if the this troll was something that the streamer wanted from his viewers, regardless the result is something pretty hilarious at the end of the day.

@koooyaa_It’s especially hard when you have sound alerts on 🤣 ##escapetheayuwoki ##twitch ##streamer ##fyp♬ original sound – Adrian

Interestingly enough, the clip itself appears to be from March but is currently going viral on both Reddit and TikTok. Currently, the video has over 250K likes on the social media platform and seems to be steadily rising, going up a few hundred every minute or so. It also has almost 900K views, meaning it’ll more than likely hit a million in due time.


Here’s hoping Koooyaa make more interesting content in the future — possibly without getting killed in-game by his chat in the process.