Twitch streamer’s attempt at a “fart mic” ends in a mess

Andrew Amos

Just Chatting streamer ‘AmericanDad’ looked to pull off his “first ever fart mic” on broadcast, but his attempt at the joke failed miserably, with the streamer getting more than he bargained for.

Milestones are a big thing for streamers on Twitch. Whether it’s getting the stats to hit Affiliate or Partner, getting an obscene amount of followers, or even just ticking off your first sub, every goal on a streamer’s journey is celebrated.

Sometimes it’s with a special stream, a giveaway, or even some crazy challenges. However, for AmericanDad, his quirky skit to celebrate three years on the platform got a bit embarrassing — and messy — for the veteran streamer.

AmericanDad streaming on Twitch
AmericanDad’s unusual three-year Twitch celebration didn’t quite go to plan.

Instead of doing some giveaways or other cool promotions, he decided the best way to go about it was an impulsive fart into his microphone.

“Guys I’m feeling the fart mic tonight. Did the fart mic emote get approved? No it didn’t. Okay, chat, fart mic. First every fart mic. Here it is.”

With the microphone up right against his crotch, instead of a clean puff of air, a sound more akin to a wet mess came out. AmericanDad knew what happened, his viewers heard it, and there was only one way to explain himself out of it.

“I think I just sh*t my pants,” he said, in a bit of shock. “I just pooped my pants. F**k! I literally just shit my f**king pants! Oh my god, chat, I’m not even fucking kidding. I have to go clean myself.

With the streamer taking a break to freshen himself up again, his chat hunted down some of Twitch’s finest poop emotes to spam in his chat, alongside his hallmark plunger. He was gone for ten minutes to clean up the mess and get ready again.

“I had to take a shower again dude. New sweatpants? Oh yeah, there was poop in the sweatpants, I had to go throw them in the washing machine.

Instead of dwelling on the moment awkwardly and trying to delete all evidence, the streamer owned up to it, albeit reluctantly.

“I 100% sh*t my pants, but I’ll own it, because I ain’t no b*tch. Three years of streaming and I’ve never sh*t my pants until today. F**k man, what the f**k is wrong with me?

To save himself from another smelly emergency, he pledged to do “no more fart mic for the rest of the night.”

The spur of the moment decision didn’t lend to starting off his night well, but at least the celebrations could only go up from there.

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