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Streamer explains why girls in Korea would go crazy for “cute” xQc

Published: 19/Jan/2020 23:37 Updated: 20/Jan/2020 2:31

by Brent Koepp


During streamer Jinnytty’s broadcast, her friend hilariously explained why Twitch star Felix ‘xQc‘ Lengyel would be popular with girls in their country due to his “idol-like” looks.

Overwatch pro xQc is one of the most popular personalities on Twitch, as viewers have connected with his over-the-top personality, and explosive variety broadcasts.

However, the Canadian has another admirer, as during Korean personality Jinnytty’s January 17 stream, her friend revealed why girls in Korea would go crazy for him.

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The Canadian streamer is one of the top subscribed channels on Twitch.

Streamer explains why xQc would be a hit in Korea

The two Korean women were in the middle of a broadcast when they started to talk about the 23-year-old. “Mr. xQc is very cute!” one of them exclaimed.


Jinny’s friend then went on to claim that the Canadian would be popular with women in their country. “He kind of looks like the type of a guy that a lot of Korean and Asian girls would like,” she said.

The streamer then explained why girls in her country would be attracted to him. “His hair is blonde. He’s very sleek. He’s very idol-ish look I think,” she continued.

Despite her praise of the Twitch star, she pointed out, “I don’t understand his language. He talks like blah blah blah blah,” she said, in reference to the way he speaks quickly. Jinny then turned to her streaming partner and said, “Really? He speaks really fast?”


“It’s so fast, I can’t understand a single thing!” the friend replied, although she was quick to point out that it was actually a good quality of his. “But that’s the attractive point of him, you know?”

The two personalities then did an imitation of how quick the Overwatch pro talks, re-stating that it’s actually a charming quality. Jinny then replied with “interesting…”

Whether xQc could pass for an idol in Korea or not, he continues to crush it on Twitch, growing over 1.9 million followers to his channel as of the time of this article.

The Canadian streamer even had the most subscribers in October 2019, and continuously pulls in over 30,000 viewers a broadcast, making him one of the most viewed personalities on the platform.