Twitch streamer Erobb gets betrayed by his body while digging massive hole

erobb body betrays him twitcherobb221 | Twitch

Twitch streamer erobb221 was digging a hole on his Twitch livestream when disaster struck, and he had an unfortunate on-stream incident where his body betrayed him.

Erobb221 has been busy since his signing with TSM. He’s been streaming almost every day of the week as of late with a focus on gaming content.

But, for a recent Twitch stream, Erobb decided to do something different: digging a hole. He set out to dig a massive hole, and, well, that’s exactly what he did.

However, he got off to a bit of a rocky start. Only a short time after the start of his excavation, Erobb221 got taken out of commission by some gastrointestinal issues.

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Erobb has unfortunate on-stream incident while digging hole

Twitch streamer Erobb was putting everything he had into digging a hole on-stream. But, early on in his 12-hour long dig, his body betrayed him.

Mere minutes before the incident, he claimed to have a taco in his car. Erobb returned with some Taco Bell and took a quick break to eat it. This would turn out to be a massive mistake.

A streamer that was helping Erobb, Nick (nmplol on Twitch), said “You’re gonna be digging that hole and s**tting your *** off at the same time.” In an almost prophetic fashion, Nick’s prediction would come true less than 20 minutes later.

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At the 4 hour mark in his 12 hour dig, he stopped mid-swing with a realization, shortly followed by a fart gone wrong. It’s unclear whether the brown stain on the back of his pants was from a hard day’s work digging or from something else.

Erobb221 quickly returned after the incident and got right back to digging with the help of various streamers who showed up to help through the long day of work.

Day turned to night before they were done, with over a dozen people helping to dig the hole at various stages. They, at some points, hit solid rock that had to be mined through with a pickaxe.

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Eventually, Erobb reached his goal of digging a 5-foot deep hole and started “burying” his chat at the end.