Twitch streamer “embarrassed” after nearly lighting desk on fire

Virginia Glaze

A Runescape streamer decided to get a little too experimental with his broadcast and lit a tissue on fire, leading to a scary situation that almost took out his entire streaming setup.

Popular Runescape player and Twitch streamer “BeggarOfficial” (alternatively, “MrBeggar”) knows that “shrimpin’ ain’t easy,” and decided to switch things up in a way that at first appeared to be merely lighthearted humor.

After blowing his nose into a tissue, the broadcaster lit the object on fire, as an apparent “recall” after humorously offering to auction the object off.

Fans of old school Runescape got more than they bargained for after tuning into MrBeggar’s February live stream.

“I’m recalling the Beggar booger!” he joked, holding up an open flame from his lighter to the tissue until it caught fire in his hand. “Screw it! Forget it. That’s it. That’s right.”

However, the flame soon grew out of control, causing him to drop the tissue on his desk where sparks could be seen flying up from the furniture into the air, as the fire itself billowed into the camera.

“Oh god!” Beggar cried out, going out of frame to grab a bottle of water which he used to quell the blaze.

Thankfully, he was able to remedy the situation, which could have very easily sparked onto the electrical equipment on his setup and cause a far worse issue.

“You know, I watch these videos of these idiots lighting their houses on fire,” he said, poking fun at himself. “You know, I see ‘em on the internet. And I say, ‘Wow, people are stupid. Who would do that?’ These people are idiots. They’ll do anything for views. …at least I had that totally planned out.’”

In spite of the obvious hilarity of the sudden fire, the streamer admitted that the moment actually embarrassed him, after rewatching a clip of the incident for the lulz.

“Oh no boys,” he continued. “No joke, like you guys have no idea how big that fire got. …I am so embarrassed, bro. Okay, here’s the thing: it smells incredible in my room. …it lit up so fast, and then I tried to blow it out, and it was like a forest fire!”

Probable scorch marks on his desk aside, Beggar showed that he knows how to poke fun at himself, even after almost burning his own house to the ground.