Invadervie hits back at viewer after finding out they’re not subscribed

Invadervie, Twitch

“Invadervie” is a popular broadcaster on Twitch, known for her “Just Chatting” streams and humorous interactions with viewers — one of whom got shut down in a major way in spite of their seemingly positive comment.

Invadervie is one of Twitch’s quickest-growing personalities, who skyrocketed to fame during her first month on the platform.

Although the 29-year-old Canadian will broadcast video games or musical content at times, she most often chats with her audience of over 125k viewers, which has lead to more than a few unique conversations in the past.

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Invadervie, Instagram
Invadervie is a a popular face on Twitch, best known for her “Just Chatting” streams where she talks with her viewers.

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One such conversation occurred during a February 8 broadcast, after a viewer claimed that she was their favorite streamer.

Despite the apparent compliment, Invadervie called out the commenter for seeming to use flattery as a way to receive positive attention from a broadcaster — despite not financially supporting them.

“I don’t believe you, exactly, that I’m your favorite streamer, because you’re not subbed to me,” she replied. “That just seems… I don’t know if there’s evidence to your claim. I’m a highly emotional person, and so I see that, and my first instinct is, ‘Yay, I’m your favorite! That means that I’m the best!’”

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She went on to clarify that she doesn’t want to give out snap judgements, but chooses to react “logically” to avoid being potentially extorted.

“But I also need you to realize that because I am a highly emotional person, that can lead me to being taken advantage of very quickly, so I focus on behaving as a highly logical person,” she continued. “I don’t try to judge anybody, but I do try to perceive you for all the evidence you’re giving me of your character.”

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It comes as little surprise that the streamer knew right away that the viewer wasn’t subscribed, as she previously admitted to conducting very thorough research on her financial supporters.

This wouldn’t be the first time she’s popped off on a viewer before, either: Invadervie also delivered a scathing clapback to a troll who accused her of being a “Twitch thot” in early January, showing that she’s not afraid to call out those who aren’t acting up to par in her chat room or practicing what they preach, for that matter.

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