Twitch Streamer claims she was banned for saying there’s only 2 genders

HelenaLive / Twitter

Once popular Twitch streamer, ‘HelenaLive’, has been permanently banned from the platform, and had her partnership terminated, following comments which Twitch deemed “offensive toward the transgender community”.

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In a YouTube broadcast on February 5, Helena claims that the only comments she made were arguing that in her belief, “there are only two genders.”

In the video, Helena also shows her phone with the emails from Twitch notifying her of her partnership termination, which was the result of three previous warnings in as many months.

Helena showed the email she received on stream.
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Helena says that she responded to Twitch, denying that she had said anything offensive to the transgender community, instead claiming she supported them.

“I was saying on stream, that I think, biologically, there’s two genders. I think there’s the woman and the man. That’s what biology tells us. I specifically said, it’s ok if a man wants to be a woman, and a woman wants to be a man, you cannot be anything in between. I said I supported the transgender community.”

Contrary to Twitch’s claim that Helena was banned ‘several’ times in the past, Helena says that she has in fact only been banned once.

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Because the HelenaLive channel has now been terminated, no past broadcasts can be accessed, which Helena claims would vindicate her in saying that she did not offend the transgender community.

However, some are doubtful that this is the true reason for her ban, and it may instead be a culmination of factors, including the previous warnings which Twitch claims to have given her. In their original email, they say it is the third time she had been reported for hateful conduct in the past two months.

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Twitch does not comment on terms of service violations, to respect privacy of users.