Dr Disrepsect and shroud plagued by hilarious Twitch chat bug affecting new subscription feature

Shroud / Twitch / Dr Disrespect

Online streaming site, Twitch, rolled out new features to its platform on February 4, and to celebrate allowed “ALL channel subs with 2+ months subscribed [to] share a resub message,” which isn’t going so smoothly.

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Twitch has introduced Resub Messages to the platform which let’s loyal fans share their a quick word to the streamer every month, but the feature is apparently broken and has created a mess of chaos in streamer’s Twitch Chat.

Prominent streamers such as Shroud and Dr Disrespect have been plagued with resubscribe messages because of the bug that let’s viewers spam their resub streak.

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It doesn’t seem that the bug affects the official sub count, but streamers have been reeling all day from the mishap.

“Look at that, 3 (subs) right off the bat,” Dr Disrespect said. “Alls I got to do is right-click, refresh, and watch. It’s almost like going to Las Vegas and you pull the (lever) on the slot-machine. It’s like you’re a winner every single time.”

While the Doc was delightfully annoyed at the bug, it looks like it cause sufficient headaches for Shroud when his Chat was having fun with the glitch.

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“Oh my god, this is so fucking broken. Oh my god, what the fuck. This is so stupid,” Shroud said before being at a loss for words at the bug.

Twitch has responded to the issues being experienced, and said they’re looking for a fix to the problem.