Twitch streamer claimed she was banned for writing subs’ names on her chest

Jacob Hale
Rach Ryan Twitch streamer with Twitch logo in corner

A Twitch streamer was banned from the platform on Friday, May 13, and claims it was because she was writing subscribers’ names on her chest.

Many Twitch partners are banned from the Amazon-owned platform every day, for a multitude of reasons that violate their guidelines. These could range from DMCA strikes, cheating in games, or bullying & harassment.

On May 13, however, a number of female streamers were hit with bans for various indiscretions related to their clothing or decisions made while streaming.

One of those was Rach Ryan, who suggested that her ban might have been because she “wrote sub gifter names on her chest too low.”

Twitch doesn’t comment on individual bans, so while Rach isn’t 100% sure of the reason, she does believe this is what it boils down to.

She later expressed her disappointment at receiving a 3-day ban rather than a 24-hour suspension, calling out “women doing squats in bikinis in hot tubs” while she was banned “for sharpie.”

This came shortly after bans were handed out to streamers TheDanDangler and the newly-returned Corinna Kopf, who came back after a tenure on Facebook Gaming at the start of 2022.

DanDangler was streaming in the bikini category while wearing a bikini, later asking if Twitch is “trying to kill itself.” Kopf was banned for wearing “inappropriate attire” on stream.

With the ongoing run of women being banned on the platform for their choices of clothing, Twitch is clearly looking to clamp down on channels they believe to be ignoring the rules.

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