Twitch streamer’s sexually suggestive stream title gets her permabanned

meiashes banned on twitchX/meiashes

A Twitch streamer has been permanently banned after her sarcastic stream title was considered to be “unsolicited sexual advances.”

Amazon-owned platform Twitch is very strict on enforcing its rules pertaining to sexual content, and as one streamer found out, sarcasm doesn’t give anyone a free pass.

On September 15, Twitch streamer ‘meiashes’ posted to X revealing she had been permabanned and would need to appeal in order to gain access to her channel again.

The reason? A very suggestive stream title that involved her breasts. While meiashes doesn’t believe a ban was warranted, others are siding with Twitch.

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Twitch streamer sparks debate after permaban for “unsolicited sexual advances”

In a thread on X, formerly known as Twitter, meiashes posted a screenshot of the email Twitch had sent her, revealing she had been permabanned.

Under the reasoning, Twitch said that asking viewers to interact with her breasts was considered “unsolicited sexual advances.”

“Targeting another person with unsolicited sexual advances, graphic and vulgar sexual comments or sending them unwanted links to sexually explicit content,” Twitch explained, noting the violation occurred in the stream title.

Users were mixed on the ban with some opposing it while others felt it was deserved giving how clear Twitch’s rules are on the matter.

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meiashes ban reasonX/meiashes
meiashes was banned over her stream title.

“I was wondering what happened this the most petty sh*t I’ve seen them ban for lmfao,” wrote one supporting viewer.

“What did you think would happen?” another asked.

“One of the most justified bans I’ve seen,” remarked someone else.

We’ll have to wait and see if Twitch decides to accept an appeal as this wouldn’t be the first time in recent months that a permaban has been revered. Notably, a Fortnite streamer who was permabanned for joking about being a child predator was allowed back days later after a successful appeal.

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