Twitch streamer receives bizarre channel ban for spamming emotes

Connor Bennett

Twitch streamer Terry ‘ForSale18’ received a temporary ban from the platform for spamming emotes in a fellow broadcaster’s channel.

Twitch has come under fire in recent weeks for not acting upon criticism of Alinity ‘Alinity’ Devine, as well as turning Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins’ channel into a promotion page, following his move to Mixer, that had some images showcased.

Yet, one of their stranger decisions has come in the form of striking down a streamer for spamming emotes in another channel’s chat. ForSale18 can regularly be found playing games that involve viewer participation.

On August 11, Forsale18 revealed that his channel had been suspended following his first-ever Minecraft stream and that he was confused by how he could have broken Twitch’s strict Terms of Service.

After some quick investigating with Twitch support, which was curtailed by the team not recognizing his ban at first, the streamer was informed that he had received a three-day temporary suspension and that he needed to “chill on spamming emotes.”

Of course, with this being Twitch – where the majority of viewers go crazy with spam in a number of different channels – Forsale18’s fellow streamers and fans were left confused by the suspension.

“All it takes is a few viewers to get butt hurt and report someone to trigger an automated response like this,” he said, responding to one fan who noted that Twitch would have to ban every user for spam. “I’m not worried about it, I thought maybe I had really f*cked up somehow lol. Just glad it’s only a 3 day.”

While it’s a strange situation, the streamer wasn’t too worried about what had happened because it wouldn’t disrupt his already set schedule.

“Meh. It’s three days, on days I don’t even stream lol, I’m not worried about it,” he responded to another fan who tried to call in help from Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem.

The banned player has not disclosed if it was a particular emote that saw him struck down with a ban or if he was mass reported by someone who didn’t take kindly to the spam.

It remains to be seen if the suspension was automated or if Twitch is, indeed, cracking down on chat spam. If so, it could be a sad day for those viewers who love nothing better than a ‘4Head’ or ‘Kappa’ message.

Dexerto has reached out to both Forsale18 and Twitch for comment and will update this show when necessary. 

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