Twitch streamer calls out platform for not banning ex who was charged with abusing him

Sevinth Twitch PartnerTwitch

Twitch streamer Sevinth, who is partnered on the platform, was charged in July 2021 with assault, and her former partner has called on Twitch to ban her account.

Sevinth is a gaming streamer, with over 18k followers. Twitch has kept her partnership intact, despite accusations that have come to light from Sevinth’s ex-boyfriend Clint Karacson of an abusive incident.

During a livestream, he showed an arrest record for Sevinth, and the injuries she allegedly inflicted upon him.

Allegations against streamer Sevinth

“I’ve got permanent scars on my face now” he claimed. “It’s f**king bullsh*t” Karacson remarked* about her channel still being available and partnered.

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“Everybody wants to laugh about it, it’s a guy getting scratched by a 100lbs girl. Let’s just say I was the partnered streamer and I was charged with that sh*t, and I went to jail, I would already be banned off Twitch. Twitch doesn’t give a f**k about that.”

In another clip, Karacson shows images of injuries that he claims he sustained to his head.

Arrest records show that Sevinth was charged on July 17 with “Assault causes bodily injury family violence”, and was released on bond the following day.

Sevinth was banned from Twitch on August 12, for a Nudity and Attire policy strike. The ban lasted two days.

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Sevinth has not responded publicly to the accusations.