Twitch streamer blasted for “fatphobic” comments about “lazy” people

elxokas under fire for fatphobic commentsTwitch: elxokas

Spanish-speaking Twitch streamer ‘elxokas’ is coming under fire after he made comments that are being considered “fatphobic” regarding people with higher-weight bodies.

30-year-old elxokas is a prominent streamer on Twitch, where he boasts over 3.2 million followers. He notably rose to prominence in 2022 after gaining half a million followers in January of that year.

Since then, elxokas has continued to garner fans due to his “unfiltered personality” and the wide variety of content he streams — but recent comments he made during a February 13 broadcast are sparking dissent online.

Elxokas was in the middle of streaming when he made some comments about his success as a streamer before diving into remarks about higher-weight people, calling them “lazy” and “undisciplined.”

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Twitch streamer elxokas under fire for “fatphobic” comments

“In my life I’ve met a lot of talented people… a lot of them. Now, do you know why I haven’t met as many winners? Because people are not disciplined. In my job, I’ve shared my time with people who were way more talented than me, way more talented than me, but they wouldn’t put effort [into] anything,” he said, via a verified translation.

“And most of you guys that want to lose weight but are unable to do so, it’s because you are undisciplined and f*cking lazy. That’s the problem you guys have. It’s not an illness nor a genetic problem, 90% of you guys is because you are f*cking lazy. You can blame anybody you want, but the reality is what I’m telling you right now. You’re f*cking lazy and undisciplined, and that’s why you don’t achieve goals.”

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Elxokas’s remarks have sparked a debate online, with many viewing his words as “fatphobic.”

“No, being overweight is not [from] being lazy,” one netizen said in a viral Twitter thread. “There are multiple factors that explain why a person may be overweight. Economic, social, genetic factors, depression problems, anxiety…”

However, the streamer is also seeing a swath of support from his fanbase who agree with his views, with some arguing that a popular clip of his stream was taken out of context.

“Victimism is the worst of our generation,” one fan wrote. “Luckily 90% of people have decent genetics, and if they don’t lose weight it’s because they don’t control their impulses. Being in good shape is as simple as returning to the habits your body was built to practice.”

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Thus far, it doesn’t seem as though Elxokas has responded to the debate sparked by his remarks — but this isn’t the first time he’s come under fire. In March 2022, the streamer faced some criticism after it was discovered he had a separate Twitter account he used to argue with his critics.