Twitch rising star elxokas gains over half a million followers in one week


Rising Twitch star Joaquín ‘Elxokas’ Domínguez has blown up on the streaming platform gaining over 600,00 followers in a single week, and was the second most viewed streamer on the entire site just behind xQc.

Starting January 20, Elxokas had a completely unprecedented week on Twitch.

The 30-year old streamer drew in a crowd of over 1 million viewers during the Twitch Rivals SquidCraft event, which was the most viewed Rivals event to date. The event drew in an enormous crowd for recreating Squid Game challenges in the world of Minecraft.

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His popularity exploded during the event and afterward, increasing his follower count from 1.8 million followers to nearly 2.5 million playing a mixture of Minecraft, League of Legends, and Rust. While originally being an influential World of Warcraft streamer, stretching out into more variety content has helped elevate his status on Twitch.

He also gained traction on his channel in the Just Chatting category, where he chops it up with his audience while looking over memes and viral content.

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Elxokas’ insane week on Twitch

The Madrid-based streamer has completely taken over Twitch over the last week.

He amassed over 600,00 followers on the site, by far the most in the last seven days. He also gained 40,000 Twitch subs in the process, while

According to the stats website sullygnome, Elxokas streamed for 55 hours and had the second most watch time at 6 million hours, just behind xQc.

Fellow star Spanish-streamer Ibai announced Xokas will be participating in his new Twitch show Disaster Chefs, which will kick off on February 1.

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Elxokas is one of the many Spanish language Twitch streamers that have become mega-popular on the Amazon-owned streaming site

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