Twitch star elxokas caught with secret Twitter used to argue with haters

. 3 months ago
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Twitch: elxokas

Twitch star Joaquín ‘elxokas’ Domínguez accidentally revealed on stream his secret Twitter account that he uses to argue with haters under posts from his main account. 

Elxokas is one of the biggest rising stars on Twitch. In January 2022, his account exploded in popularity as he gained over half a million followers in just one week.

As always, newfound fame brings more scrutiny on him as a public figure, and it seems that elxokas has decided to handle dissenters through anonymous posting on Twitter.

Elxokas has over 1.9 million followers on Twitch.

Elxokas secret Twitter account exposed

The 30-year-old streamer was streaming on March 18 when viewers noticed he was logged into a Twitter account they hadn’t seen before, one that.

He broadcasted his computer screen which showed the Twitter home page, revealing he was logged into a different account than his main one.

User Admave13 noticed the account on his stream and said: “Elxokas has a secondary account to insult those who criticize him.” On the second account, elxokas can be seen in Twitter threads arguing with and insulting social media users who are scrutinizing him.

Another user in the thread of the tweet noticed another account with behavior just like elxokas’ anonymous account, believing it could be another pseudonym for the streamer.

This one shares a lot of replies with the other one and is created more or less around the same date and has the same structure too,” they said in the tweet.

The original dummy account, named CathyVipi, has been deactivated since it was discovered.

However, the other account believed to be him is still active. Elxokas has yet to respond to the situation.

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