VTuber devastated after Twitch prank completely kills her game progress

harukie__ falls for old twitch prankTwitch/harukie__

VTuber ‘Harukie’ was left absolutely mortified after being pranked by Twitch chat with the oldest trick in the book – and it ended up costing her big time.

It’s not uncommon to see Twitch chat try to prank streamers. From embarrassing donation messages to troll comments and purposely incorrect advice, we’ve seen it all over the years.

Perhaps the most common and ancient of all pranks, however, has to be getting someone to press alt and F4 at the same time to make them close whatever application they’re using.

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That’s exactly what happened to VTuber Harukie during a Terraria broadcast and she was left quite bewildered, to say the least.

VTuber loses it after falling for oldest trick in the book

During a May 10 stream, a user joked that Harukie should try using “alt+f4” on torches, prompting the VTuber to ponder the suggestion and try it.

“What does that do? Alt… F4,” she typed before her screen suddenly went dark, closing the game in the process. Seeing what had happened, the gamer let out a horrifying screech.

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If the game closing wasn’t already bad enough, things got worse once Harukie realized she didn’t save.

“God, I haven’t saved,” she gasped. “I didn’t save it. I just got f**ked. Ahh, no way!”

The distraught streamer even had a hard time explaining to her friends what happened, asking them to not ask questions about what just happened.

For her part, however, the streamer stressed that she had no idea about the prank, insisting that she was not a “keyboard shortcut sorta girl.”

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In any case, it seems like Harukie is going to be a bit more careful going forward and not just press buttons at the behest of viewers and risk damage to her games or streams in the process.

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