Twitch streamer banned after appearing to threaten daughter in Tarkov rage - Dexerto

Twitch streamer banned after appearing to threaten daughter in Tarkov rage

Published: 17/Feb/2021 17:25 Updated: 18/Feb/2021 13:44

by Andrew Amos


Twitch streamer ‘KillaMfCam’ has been banned from the platform after the 26-year-old father-of-one appeared to threaten to “break” his child’s neck in an Escape from Tarkov-induced rage.

Warning: the following comments may be disturbing for some.

KillaMfCam, who calls himself a “gamer by nature, streamer for fun,” on his Twitch profile, is coming under fire for comments he made in a February 15 stream.

In a clip shared by Twitter user and streamer ‘Frizzable’, KillaMfCam shouts “I’m going to break your f**king neck”

“I killed this guy in Tarkov and then proceeded to tune into his stream to find him tell his son that he is going to ‘snap his neck’ if he didn’t leave the room,” he said.


“Absolute scum… He banned me before I could even say GGs.”

“I stuck around to see his temper tantrum, and watched this. Had to get a friend to help me download the VOD since I was banned.”

The 26-year-old was visibly angry after dying during an Escape of Tarkov raid. While cussing out his enemy, he then turned his attention towards someone in the background of his stream.

“Stop f**king sh*tting yourself dude. How hard is that? Jesus Christ man. God damn you stupid motherf**ker. I f**king hate you dude. Get the f**k out of my room bro. Get out. Go. Get the f**k out of my room. Get out. I’m gonna break your f**king neck dude,” he said.


There is also screaming in the background as KillaMfCam starts yelling, as well as a couple of large thuds.

Escape from Tarkov streamer killamfcam
Twitch: killamfcamttv
KillaMfCam walks off camera before he starts shouting at his daughter.

Twitch has taken action against the streamer’s account hours after the clip started going viral, taking it off the platform. It’s unclear if the ban is permanent.

Banned streamer responds

The streamer has responded on Twitter, claiming that the clip was taken out of context, and that he was actually yelling at his dog.

In another tweet, he wrote, “I can’t believe someone would edit a clip and slander me like that over banning them y’all are absurd as f**k and I ain’t hiding nothing my kid can vouch for me her damn self.”


The Tweets are no longer available as the account has been removed from Twitter.

Others have been trying to alert local law enforcement in Ohio, where the streamer lives according to his Twitter account, to the 26-year-old’s conduct.

Dexerto has contacted Twitch for comment.

Correction: This article originally reported that the streamer had a son. They actually have a daughter.