Twitch streamer attacked by drunk stepdad while live goes viral

twitch streamer fight on streamSilky White/Twitch

A clip of a Twitch streamer being attacked by his apparently intoxicated stepfather and fighting back has gone viral.

When Twitch streamer Silky White went live on the site back in July 2020, he wasn’t expecting to have a clip of him fighting his stepdad caught on stream.

It was deleted from Twitch to avoid breaking the platform’s Terms of Service. But the altercation was recorded by the internet, and has since resurfaced and gone viral on Reddit and other social media.

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After being accused of not having a job, Silky White insisted streaming was his job, which his stepdad called “masturbating in front of a green screen.”

“Hell yeah I am, do whatever I want in front of this green screen, yeah that’s how that goes,” Silky replied, not taking any smack. “We pay you money, that’s how that goes, you’re drunk as s***t, shut up.”

After telling his stepfather to go upstairs multiple times, the family member chose to charge at the streamer as he was sitting down in his gaming chair. Instead of getting the drop on him, the chair acted similar to a catapult, or ropes around a wrestling ring, rebounding Silky to be right back in his face for a punishing counter-attack.

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“Just to clarify, the stepson did rock his stepdads s**t and the stepfather was arrested,” a viewer in the comments chimed in. However, the streamer understandably says he doesn’t want to be defined by this one incident.

“I just wanna stream and fun with you guys but sometimes it’s hard,” Silky said after the fight and before getting suspended for two weeks for breaking Twitch’s Terms of Service.

He is back to streaming now though, usually featuring Call of Duty and Splitgate on his Twitch channel, with no on-stream fights since.

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