Sykkuno reveals he makes “10 times less” since Among Us fell off

Sykkuno alongside Among US charactersTwitch: Sykkuno/Innersloth

Twitch star Sykkuno has revealed just how much his earnings have fallen off since the peak of Among Us, with his YouTube channel taking a massive hit especially. 

The seemingly overnight success of Among Us was a wild time for the internet. Although InnerSloth’s party game had been around since 2018, it didn’t really take off until the second half of 2020.

From that point, everyone was getting involved. Social Media was awash with memes and highlights from casual players and celebrities alike. The wider popularity of Among Us, of course, helped content creators too with Sykkuno and the Amigops – Disguised Toast, Valkyrae, and Corpse Husband – playing a central role.

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The quartet had huge success themselves riding the game’s wave of popularity before giving up on it back in May of 2021. Though, a few of them have returned on occasion for one-off special lobbies.

Sykkuno has become massive in GTA, and thats where you’ll usually find him.

Even though Among Us may have died off, they are still having success in different games with Sykkuno becoming huge in the GTA RP space. Though, he hasn’t the heights of Among us when it comes to his earnings.

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During his October 2 stream, the Twitch star touched on how being a Twitch streamer is an “unstable” job given you rely on many outside factors before offering up an example of his own.

“From YouTube alone, I make about 10% as much as I did from the Among Us days,” he said. “I know people think streamers make a lot of money, but it’s only been a few months, and I make 10 times less money than before. I don’t think I’m poor, but it’s super unstable how much you make.”

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Sykkuno noted that he’s always been a bit frugal, and especially now seeing how much things can vary from just a few months back he’s being careful.

Of course, he’s still having pretty major success on Twitch – recently hitting 35,000 subscribers during his Subathon, according to TwitchTracker – but it can all go downhill if things take a drastic turn.

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