Twitch streamer Arab threatened at gunpoint live on IRL broadcast

Dave Deiley

IRL Twitch streamer ‘YourFellowArab’ has a long history of easy going, mild content of himself out and about in the real world, just doing his thing. That dramatically changed after having a gun reportedly pulled on him in a park during an altercation. 

YourFellowArab, better known in streaming circles as Arab, found himself in the midst of a bizarre interaction with a Miami local after sparking up a conversation with an unidentified man with a backpack in a beachside park.

Starting with an innocuous “sup brother how’s your day going.” The conversation quickly took a dive into uncomfortable territory. The man bemoaned his life then asked Arab for “alcohol, marijuana and change”

After being told that Arab didn’t have a lighter the man replied: “Well what are you good for?”

After a back and forth where Arab baited the man into a line of questioning around what the streamer had on him, the talk turned down a decidedly dark road.

Exclaiming “F**k your travel Vlog”, Arab replied “You don’t seem to respect me you know”, and was met with a churlish “I don’t have to”.

With the situation deteriorating rapidly, a particularly aggressive series of questions were fired at Arab: “Have you ever seen a f**king a gang member motherf***er? Are you a f**king pig? Get the f**k away from me.”

Arab made a swift departure, telling his chat “that guy just whipped out a gun.

“Jesus Christ. He just whipped out a gun, get me outta here. That’s a tiny gun too bro, like a hidden one. Time to get off South Beach.”

The streamers chat was hesitant to believe Arab about whether it was a gun or not. However, he was not taking any chances.

“That was a lighter? I dunno if that was a lighter bro. Cause he asked me for a lighter, so it definitely wasn’t a lighter. It was 100% a gun bro, a little mini gun.”

Arab did manage to escape the situation safe and well.