Twitch bans Izi Prime after clip of “belittling” female streamer goes viral

Izi Prime banned on twitchInstagram/izi_prime

Twitch streamer Izi Prime has been banned after a clip of him making “degrading” comments towards a female player went viral on social media.

Izi Prime has had quite the controversial week on Twitch. On April 4, the streamer was accused by xQc of cheating in a Call of Duty Black Ops 2 wager match and was banned a day later.

While some first believed he was banned after being accused of cheating by the French-Canadian Twitch star, it seems like his antics from earlier were the true culprit.

On March 31, Twitch streamer ‘A1jazzz’ posted a video to Twitter showing Izi Prime making a series of comments about her and slammed him for doing so.

Clip of Izi Prime degrading female Twitch streamer goes viral

The video features multiple instances of Izi Prime watching A1jazzz’s stream, viewing her Instagram page, and making comments about her looks.

During the video, Izi refers to the streamer as a “fat booty b*tch” and after that, A1 accused the streamer’s viewers of making concerning comments in her chat – something he denied by claiming the users were not subs of his.

“At first I wasn’t going to speak on this due to the backlash I may receive,” she captioned the video. “As a woman, it’s one thing to be degraded or belittled by random viewers but to have a streamer with hundreds of people watching them do it to another woman, is beyond disrespectful.”

A few days later, Twitch banned Izi Prime for seven days.

While he didn’t confirm the reason for the ban, in a screenshot of an email from Twitch, he commented, “I’ll be back in 7 days fat booty b*tches,” suggesting that his comments to A1 were to blame.

A1, meanwhile, thanked everyone who retweeted her clip, which amassed over 200,000 views and seems to have been responsible for Prime’s 7-day suspension.