Twitch star Amouranth revealed as lead producer of new Streamer Royale show

Amouranth on streamer royale showTwitter/Streamer_Royale/Instagram/kaitgonewild

Twitch star Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa has been announced as the lead producer for a new show called Streamer Royale – a contest featuring some of the biggest names in streaming.

Amouranth has had quite an eventful few months. With a ton of investments under her best including a 7-Eleven, plastic ball company, millions in Google stock and more, she’s earned enough to quit OnlyFans for good.

While she may be kissing OF goodbye, it seems like there is a big opportunity lined up for her in the form of a new show called Streamer Royale.

On April 15, the show first unveiled itself on Twitter with Amouranth being one of the first to announce it on her personal account with information on her role in the show coming a bit later.

Amouranth bringing her “creative vision” to Streamer Royale

A day after the account’s first tweet, a second formally announced that Siragusa would be serving as the lead producer for Streamer Royale.

“Watch her creative vision come to life as our competitors face off to be crowned the champ,” the announcement read. “Make sure to follow this page, because we will be announcing the contestants very soon!”

It’s not clear yet what the show will entail, but other tweets from the account have indicated that the show will be “the event of the summer,” suggesting that it will begin in June at the earliest.

As for what platform the event will stream on, no links are currently on the page, so it’s anyone’s guess if it will be on Twitch, YouTube or even Facebook.

However, on April 12, Amouranth revealed she made a “$350,000-$400,000” investment in Twitch content – something she claimed was “different than anything I’ve ever made.”

We’ll have to wait and see what the show will entail and who will be competing but given the pedigree for content that Amouranth has shown over the years, it should be a major treat for fans.