Japanese Twitch streamer banned for baring it all amid karaoke session

Japanese Twitch streamerYouTube: junchannel

Mega popular Japanese streamer Junichi Kato has found himself being slapped with the ban hammer on Twitch. The outlandish streamer often draws comparisons to xQc for his energy, but this time caught the ire of Twitch mods for showing a bit too much of himself.

Junichi Kato, otherwise known as kato_junichi0817 on Twitch and junchannel on YouTube, has amassed an impressive following in his time on the livestreaming platforms. Looking at his past year on Sullygnome, he boasts an easy average of 20,000 viewers at any given time, with an enormous peak viewership of 87,510 in September 2021.

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With a fanbase as large as his, and with a reputation for consistently going bigger and crazier with his stunts, it was only a matter of time before the 36-year-old streamer found himself on the rough end of Twitch’s notoriously inconsistent ToS. He’s now found himself on the receiving end of his first ban for ‘exposing himself’ on stream.

Taking to Twitter to express himself in his unique style he said “Forgive me Twitch,” based on rough translations. “Reflecting on it, I’m crying now.”

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Continuing his lighthearted commentary on the ban on Twitch, Junichi poked fun at the mega-company, saying “Oh, Twitch isn’t a karaoke platform?”

Junichi, colloquially known as ‘Unkochan’ has had an impressive impact on the Japanese streaming community, often touted as being ‘Japan’s largest streamer’. A reddit comment had this to say on his impact on the Japanese livestream scene:

“It’s not even an exaggeration that he singlehandedly triggered the recent migration of all the Japanese streamers into Twitch the past year or so. Before he came to Twitch, it was basically a niche streaming site to watch pro fps players like Shaka or Stylishnoob.

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After he came to Twitch, it seems like every other streamer has started to make the transition from Youtube streaming to Twitch. He’s also a really unique streamer in that in the 13 years he’s been streaming, he’s turned donations off the entire time.”

Whenever anyone finds themselves banned on Twitch, it’s usually a good guess that nudity was somehow involved. UnkoChan’s ban is no different, with the streamer showing, and shaking, his butt during a Karaoke stream.

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As many were quick to point out, the amount of butt shown in the video that got the hugely popular streamer banned is far less than is regularly seen on other channels, especially with the Hot Tub meta still firm in the collective memory of Twitch users. Though some were also happy to make light of the situation “warranted ban, not enough water

With the comparisons to xQc, there’s also been a lot of discussion on Twitter and Reddit focusing on the ban for “showing butt cleavage” with xQc receiving no ban for illegally watching Hunter x Hunter on stream during the anime meta.

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There’s been no official response from Twitch, but we’ll keep updates on the situation, should it develop.

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