Amouranth invests $2 million in YouTube and Google to hit $5m total

Amouranth on YouTubeAmouranth on YouTube

Top female Twitch streamer Amouranth has cited YouTube’s growth as one of the main reasons she has added another $2 million to her investment in Alphabet, Google’s parent company.

As well as being the most-watched female streamer on Twitch in 2021, Amouranth has also shown herself to be a shrewd investor, both in stocks and in brick-and-mortar businesses, such as her gas stations.

And, as global markets fall, the streamer is eyeing up buying opportunities for her portfolio – including adding big to her position in Google.

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“Bought $2M of $GOOG,’ Amouranth announced on February 23. In total, this brought her investment into Alphabet up to “well over $5 million.”

Although Twitch is her primary channel for streaming, Amouranth also has a big presence on YouTube, with multiple channels and millions of subscribers. Her belief in YouTube continuing to grow is a reason for her investment in Google.

“Goog is one of the very best businesses on earth,” Amouranth explained. “YouTube growth is insane, now earns more in ads than Netflix earns in subscription revenue.”

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YouTube has been trying to compete with Twitch’s strong grip on livestreaming especially over the past couple of years, signing big-name streamers directly from its rival, such as Valkyrae, Ludwig and TimTheTatman. They also secured Dr Disrespect after his unexpected ban from the Amazon-owned platform.

Amouranth clearly has faith in the forward outlook of Google and its platforms like YouTube moving forward, now backing it with a significant investment.

She also explained that a lot of her investment strategy is to generate passive income, so that even if she faces the ban hammer again from Twitch, she will be financially secure.

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With her investments in stocks and now several businesses, the streamer should be more than set even if her Twitch account is given a lengthy suspension – which has happened multiple times in the past.

Amouranth also has large investments in an inflatable pool toy company, and a plastic ball company.

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