CoD streamer LEGIQN joins the Florida Mutineers

florida mutineers legiqnFlorida Mutineers

The Call of Duty League’s Florida Mutineers announced the signing of YouTuber and streamer Jordan ‘LEGIQN’ Payton to their content machine.

  • LEGIQN signs with the Mutineers.
  • Mutineers gain one of the more well-known CoD streamers.
  • LEGIQN has been a big name in Warzone.

LEGIQN joins Mutineers

The Mutineers locks in LEGIQN who has been booming on Twitch and YouTube with his Warzone battle royale content, among others.

LEGIQN’s has long been a source of sharp humor and skill that’s been growing his channels for years, especially after Warzone dropped.

His unique brand of comedy is already starting to spread to the rest of the org. Even Mutineer’s GM, Tom Ryan, got into the fun by announcing LEGIQN as part of Florida’s Stage 2 Major roster.

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“Our starting roster for the Stage 2 Major will be: Slacked, Owakening, Neptune, LEGIQN,” Ryan said, purposefully omitting CDL pro Cesar ‘Skyz’ Bueno. “Legiqn has been playing incredibly well in Challengers with multiple event wins under his belt this season. We’re excited to see him play on the big stage this week ok I’m trolling.”

LEGIQN is going to be a big fixture in the Mutineers content creation side as more CDL teams ramp up original content around Call of Duty.

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