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Twitch reportedly bans viewers for typing “I’m 11” copypasta in chat

Published: 9/Aug/2021 19:59

by Michael Gwilliam


Twitch users beware: the Amazon-owned website is reportedly banning users for typing an extremely popular copypasta in chat and getting your account back in good standing can be a major chore.

It’s safe to say that the culture of Twitch can be a little hectic and, at times, bordering on the downright absurd. With so many memes, references, and slogans to keep up with, it can be quite confusing for anyone new to the platform.

One such reference could even get users banned from the site, all because they were being sarcastic.

Twitch takes the age of its users very seriously, not wanting anyone under the age of 13 using the site for streaming or chatting. As such, joking about being underage can have some massive consequences.


Popular meme quotes such as “I am 12 and what is this” or “I’m 11 and have a two-paragraph essay due tomorrow” can result in users getting banned according to former Overwatch League pro and Twitch streamer Philip ‘ChipSa’ Graham.

“I’ve noticed an issue with Twitch where you can get your account suspended for typing ‘I’m 11’ in chat,” the British streamer wrote on Twitter. “It’s also really hard to get your account back once it’s suspended.”

Some users in chat revealed that they had been banned for this and noted the complicated steps it can take to get an account restored.


In one screenshot, Twitch requested a user send their username, date of birth, IP address, email, and the last four digits of their phone number just in order to proceed with their unban request.

“It took me 9 months to get unbanned for that,” another user revealed.

Others made interesting points where standard conversations could result in bans, such as what would happen if someone said they were dressing as the character “11” from Stranger Things for Halloween.

Hopefully, Twitch can do something to keep users from getting randomly banned for reposting memes or copypastas, but until that happens, users may be better off avoiding claiming their age is under 13, even for comedic purposes.