Twitch partner Cribazz banned for reportedly harassing women and LGBTQIA+ streamers

Cribazz banned twitchTwitter: NotCribazz / Twitch

Newly-partnered Twitch streamer Cribazz was quickly taken off the platform on June 3 after clips of the broadcaster harassing women and LGBTQIA+ streamers went viral. The community is calling on the platform to make the ban permanent.

Cribazz, who has 14,000 followers on Twitch and averages around 200 viewers per stream, was elated to finally get his partnership on June 1.

However, just 48 hours later, he was banned for “sexually harassing others” on the Amazon-owned platform, after several women and LGBT streamers came forward with their stories of the newly-partnered broadcaster.

Deere, a prominent drag queen on Twitch, highlighted Cribazz going into other channels and harassing content creators to come onto his own stream. His chat would flood their chat with sexist and homophobic abuse.

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“Take a look at the chat. That’s the community that’s being encouraged here.”

“It’s disappointing that we are constantly attacked and targeted.”

He would also confront people on TikTok and Twitch, using derogatory language.

“Why are you getting ready, you’re ugly as sh*t anyways. You’re ugly as sh*t anyway you f**king twig. Look at your f**king little pointy a** nose,” he said in one clip.

Others claimed he was also re-streaming other people’s content, something that is against the platform’s community guidelines due to copyright infringement issues. Cribazz denied the accusations.

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The community has called on Twitch to take harsher action on Cribazz, considering the platform is currently celebrating Pride Month during June.

“I can’t count how many times I’ve seen people do this. Skimming IRL and looking for women, POC, etc to target and harass while livestreaming the whole thing,” Twitch streamer Pokket said.

Some want Twitch to permanently ban the controversial streamer, given his current suspension from streaming will only last for seven days.

Dexerto will update you if Cribazz’s suspension length changes.