Twitch copies Instagram and TikTok with new feature just for mobile

Connor Bennett
Twitch logo on top of axville photo on unsplash

Twitch is following in the footsteps of Instagram and TikTok by adding a Stories feature to mobile, and yes, it’ll work the exact same way as those two do. 

As the internet becomes obsessed with a feature on one social media platform, others quickly move to try and add it to their own platform – be it with a straight-up copy or putting their own spin on it.

We’ve seen plenty of examples of this in the last few years, especially when it comes to Twitch and other platforms popping up. Former Twitch streamers that have moved to the likes of YouTube and Kick have gotten those to add things like clips, a directory page, and different options in chat.

Twitch is typically the trendsetter on that front, however, now they’ve copied something that was first pioneered by Instagram and has since been copied by TikTok. That’s right, Stories. 

Twitch adds Stories on mobile app

Yes, Twitch is now rolling out a Stories feature on mobile so that streamers can update their fans on things even if they’re offline for a day or two. 

The new feature was announced at TwitchCon Paris, but it is in a gradual rollout phase. Streamers who want to use Stories will have had to have streamed for at least 45 minutes since the start of September. However, it will not be available in South Korea.

On top of that, streamers will have the chance to create Sub-only stories. Though, if you want to use that, you’ll have to have at least 30 subscribers when the feature rolls out to you. 

It remains to be seen how widely used the Stories feature is, given that Twitch is well behind other platforms in rolling it out. 

The Amazon-owned platform recently cut the Community Moments feature given that it was very rarely used and if Stories has a similar use, it won’t be long before that is on the chopping block.