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How to clip and download Twitch clips

Published: 16/Jan/2021 12:26

by Georgina Smith


Clipping a section of a Twitch stream allows you to easily rewatch your favorite moments, and downloading those clips allows you to share those moments in other places. Here’s how to both clip and download on Twitch.

Many Twitch streamers are known to stay live for hours on end, which can make it hard for viewers to rewatch those bizarre or unexpected moments just by scrolling through the VOD after the stream.

The site’s clip feature remedies this issue by allowing viewers to take short snippets from someone’s stream, where they are then accessible via a separate URL.


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Many also download these clips in order to share them to popular sites and forums specifically for short but sweet Twitch moments and also serves as a handy way for creators to share moments from their own stream on social media.

Fortunately, the process is relatively simple, and it will only take a few steps for you to clip and download your favorite moments.

How to clip on Twitch

  1. Hover over the video and click the clip button at the bottom right corner.
  2. Once the new clip creation screen has launched, use the slider to adjust which section of the video you want to clip. You can select up to 1 minute.
  3. Title your clip and click publish.

How to clip Twitch on mobile


  1. Tap the screen while watching a stream to bring up the options.
  2. Select the share button.
  3. Tap ‘Create Clip.’
  4. Edit your clip as normal, including title and length.
  5. Press publish.

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  1. While watching a stream, tap the screen to show options.
  2. Select ‘Create Clip.’
  3. Edit your clip, including title and length.
  4. Hit publish.

Once you’ve made your clip, you should then save the clip URL, which can be copied simply by clicking on it. But, if you lose the URL, don’t worry. You can access all the clips you’ve made at any time. Here’s how to find all clips you’ve made on Twitch:


How to find Twitch clips you’ve made

  1. Click your profile icon in the top right
  2. Go to ‘Creator Dashboard’
  3. Go to ‘Content’ on the left-hand column, and select ‘Clips’ from the drop-down menu.

How to download Twitch clips

While there are different ways to download Twitch clips, the easiest way is by using an online Twitch clip downloader that will take the video from an existing Twitch clip.

  1. Go to – an online Twitch clip downloader.
  2. Find the link of the clip that you want to download. This could be something you have personally clipped, or someone else’s.
  3. Paste the link into Clipr and hit ‘get download link.’
  4. Then select ‘click to download’ to retrieve your clip.

The file will be in MP4 format, ready to share on Twitter, YouTube, or elsewhere. Remember, content clipped from Twitch is not your content – the copyright remains with the broadcaster and Twitch.

This process certainly makes selecting the best bits of streams much easier, and means that fans can share their favorite streamer’s best bits more or less as soon as they happen.