Twitch channel smashes world record for most hours streamed in a month

Andy Williams

A streamer known by the alias ‘JayBigs’, has de-throned the previous record for the most hours streamed in a single month on Twitch after clocking in a colossal 569 hours in just 30 days. We reached out to gather his perspective on the record-breaking feat.

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Merely 10 days after Runescape player, ItsArmand, received the spotlight for breaking the world record for hours streamed in a single month, Twitch streamer, Jackson ‘JayBigs’ Bigsby, has taken the record from beneath his feet on August 30. 

Beginning his record-breaking escapade at the beginning of August, the Twitch streamer spent the vast majority of his time playing popular battle royale PUBG

JayBigs (Twitch)A timer was placed in the top left-hand corner of his stream.
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The 25-year-old American dabbles in a wide variety of first-person shooters but mostly stays loyal to his favorite title, PUBG. Having gained over 1,500 followers in the 30 day period, his follower count surpassed 4,400. 

Jackson Bigsby told Dexerto: “When I finished, it was an insane feeling! The chat [was] flying by so fast I couldn’t read it… The hardest and most fulfilling accomplishment of my life”, he continued by modestly adding “was building this awesome community to support me though it the real accomplishment?”

Upon reaching the deadline (11:59 PM on August 30), Jackson tweeted to his social media following to declare his feat. In the video clipped from his Twitch stream, he opens what appears to be a bottle of champagne and casually signifies his joy as he adds “Gg, dude…”

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The Twitch affiliate was inundated with support from his loyal fanbase. Specifically, long-time supporter @blul16 tweeted popular YouTube sensation Jimmy ‘MrBeast‘ Donaldson in a bid to give him the recognition that he deserves.

When asked what his plans were moving forward, Jackson told Dexerto: “Moving forward I will be streaming full-time, which is awesome! A dream! Continue to bring good content to my community ‘Team Positive Energy!’, and hopefully make partner on Twitch!”

Alongside accruing more followers, JayBigs’ channel saw a linear increase in average viewers, with one stream (on August 25) drawing the attention of over 1,344 views.

Info-graph showing JayBigs’ stream growth/stats from August 1-30. via TwitchTracker
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Given the transient nature of the world record, surely it’s only a matter of time before someone else steps up to the plate and surpasses JayBigs’ accomplishment, or is the 569-hour total going to prove too big of a challenge to take-on?

In terms of advice for anyone thinking of taking on the challenge: “If you try this, be careful! Drink water, stretch, don’t push yourself and have a great community to back you up!”

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Andy is a former Dexerto games writer, with a passion for competitive shooter titles like CS:GO and Valorant.