Florida man claims to set Twitch record for most hours streamed in a month

Published: 20/Aug/2019 16:31 Updated: 23/Aug/2019 9:59

by Michael Gwilliam


Runescape player ItsArmand has set a new record for the most hours streamed in a month by a solo streamer with a whopping 542 on Twitch on August 20. And he’s not done yet.

The previous record was held by Edison ‘EdisonParkLive’ Park at 541 and before that, the record holder was Kjetil ‘Zizaran’ Kippervik who streamed for 506.5 hours in 30 days. 

Armand, who is 26, revealed how he managed to break the record in a Reddit post on r/2007scape. 

JagexRunescape was released back in 2001.

“It’s been a little while but I’m posting today to share that I’m within 5 days of breaking the most hours streamed on Twitch within 30 days record. I’m happy to say 99% of this goal was done streaming OSRS,” the streamer, who says he is from Florida wrote.

He then revealed that he wanted to break the record as a ‘challenge’ to himself. “I started this challenge as a goal for myself to see if I could finally hard commit to something insane,” he said. “I’m the type of impulsive person to just say I will do something and after starting I’ll quit. Even worse is starting something and quitting more than half way through.”

Going after the record has not been easy. The streamer, “averaged about 19 hours a day for the first 22~ days. 4 hours of sleep 1 hour of inbetween for life things or more sleep.”

Armand admitted that while it’s not healthy to stream this much, he was pretty health before this challenge. “This is definitely not healthy but I was a pretty healthy person in general. I do plan on continuing to stream and doing workouts to help others get motivated to become healthier in life.” 

“Sitting for long periods of time can result in blood clots but I make sure to stretch and walk around for a few minutes every hour. Drinking a ton of water also helps,” he added. 

And he hasn’t completed the goal alone. “I have a lovely supportive girlfriend who cooks and feeds me everyday. I take my showers quickly during one of the few 10 minute breaks I take during stream,” the record-breaker said. 

When asked how the record could be verified, the Runescape marathoner told his viewers, “As far as we know, publicly anyway, the most hours streamed is by EdisonLive and it was 541 hours. And my record is all public in my vods so you can see exactly how long I streamed… There’s no like Guinness or Twitch hold anything official because I don’t think Twitch want to promote this type of record, but I’ve got all the vods to prove it.”

Only time will tell if EdisonLive or anyone else tries to go after the record, but even if it’s broken again, chances are Armand will retake it. After all, in his post, he said “I am tired but I am more tired of not completing my goals.”

While other channels, like TheWay_TV, have reportedly streamed for longer periods of time, ItsArmand’s record seems to be uncontested in terms of solo streamers.

Armand isn’t even done. He still has until August 21 at 7:45 AM to pad the record. He’s aiming for 566 hours.


Sykkuno announces streaming return with Valkyrae after moving to Vegas

Published: 17/Jan/2021 3:12 Updated: 17/Jan/2021 3:13

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Sykkuno has been busy moving to Las Vegas, but his return to streaming is imminent. He’s set to return on January 17 alongside some big names including Valkyrae.

Sykkuno announced he was moving to Las Vegas after dropping hints for quite some time. He started moving on January 15, and naturally, it meant he wouldn’t be streaming until the move was complete.

Fortunately, it seems like he’s all settled in and almost ready to go. He hasn’t posted anything about it yet. However, he mentioned it to another streamer named Ray_C while playing Rust. Then, it was also later confirmed by Rachel ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter.

Twitch: Sykkuno
Sykkuno’s popularity skyrocketed in the last few months of 2020.

Sykkuno crossed paths with Ray C on the OfflineTV Rust server. Initially, they were talking about the game and preparing for a potential team fight. Then, Ray_C wished him well with the move. “I hope your move goes well, man,” he said.

There was a bit over overlap at first. However, Sykkuno didn’t hesitate to respond once he had a chance. “It’s going pretty well,” he said. “I think I might be back online tomorrow or something.”

But it seems like it’s more than a mere possibility. Valkyrae announced that she’d be streaming Raft with some other big-name streamers, including Sykkuno. It’s exciting news since his fans didn’t expect him to be back so soon.

“Raft with Jodi, Sykkuno, Toast, Abe, John, and Corpse [has] moved to tomorrow at 5 pm PST!” she wrote. “I’ll see ya then.” Of course, it doesn’t mean it’s one hundred percent locked in, but it’s about as official as it gets.

Sykkuno’s fans can’t wait to see him back in action. Even though he shot to fame in the last quarter of 2020, he’s already become an integral part of the streaming community.

It sounds a bit melodramatic, but his absence leaves a void, and it’ll be good to see him back where he belongs.

It’ll be interesting to see what he says about his move, and how well he’s managed to settle into his new home.