Tfue meets his match during first ever Minecraft stream

Twitch: Tfue / Mojang

Fortnite superstar Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney decided to try his hand at Minecraft for the first time on August 31, but he met his match when he encountered a formidable foe he couldn’t get away from.

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Tfue is currently the most followed channel on Twitch, after Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins recently left for Mixer, passing Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek on August 28.

The skilled Fortnite star traded in one pickaxe for another, and joined the Minecraft craze, but during his first stream of the popular sandbox game, he finally met his match.

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Tfue’s first Minecraft stream

After a string of controversies with Fortnite Season X involving overpowered items and mechs that drastically changed the meta for the competitive scene, Tfue took a break from the battle royale and jumped into Minecraft.

During his first stream of the sandbox game, the streamer came across some zombie enemies before realizing all was not as it seemed – as what was supposed to be a simple encounter turned into a battle for survival. 

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Twitch: TfueThe Fortnite star finally met his match.
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While streaming with his friend Dennis ‘Cloak’ Lepore, his partner was jumped by a zombie who fell into the hole with him. “Zombie’s on fire, dude!” Tfue said, before realizing that there was another foe waiting for him on land. 

“Oh shit! It’s a little zombie yo, oh shit!” he screamed as a mini zombie attacked him from out of nowhere. Before the Fortnite star could retaliate, his health was quickly taken down by the tiny enemy, leaving him to retreat. 

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“Dude he’s fucking me up! That little guy is fuckin’ nasty. I’m cranking, ah shit!” Tfue exclaimed, as he sprinted away to safety. 

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Tfue got attacked

The Twitch star seeked refuge in a dig site, and was hiding underground to escape his mini attacker. His safety didn’t last long, as the sound of the foe got louder. Suddenly the tiny Zombie hurled itself into the pit with him while on fire.

“Ah shit! Oh shit! Ahhhh!” the Fortnite pro screamed, as he tried to build a wall to block his attacker, but accidentally boxed himself in with the mini-sized enemy. 

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Screaming and failing, he eventually was able to take it down, ending the tense situation. “Alright, I think I’m good!”

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While Tfue is used to destroying his foes in Fortnite, it looks like he finally met his match in Minecraft.

He is currently the top streamer on Twitch with over 6.92 followers as of August 31.

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