xQc slams “pathetic” hot tub ‘meta’ on Twitch

Calum Patterson
xqc next to hot tub twitch stream from amouranth

Twitch’s most-watched broadcaster, Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, has hit out at the growing trend of hot tub streams on the platform, calling on Twitch to take action.

Hot tub streams are not exactly entirely new on Twitch, and have been used sporadically as a way to get around Twitch’s policy on suggestive attire.

Because Twitch will allow swimsuits to be worn if the context warrants it (such as being at the beach or swimming), the hot tub effectively operates as somewhat of a loophole to wear more ‘suggestive’ outfits.

In early 2021, it has become a “meta” on Twitch – with an increasing number of streamers, mainly female streamers (though not only female streamers), doing frequent hot tub streams.

xQc criticizes hot tub meta

Joining a growing list of big-name broadcasters to criticize the new trend, xQc has called on Twitch to take action.

“I’m gonna be honest, this hot tub meta is by far the most pathetic thing we’ve seen on Twitch in forever,” he wrote, in his signature all-caps tweeting style.

“What a sad reality. Please get this trash off the front page.”

Although these hot tub streams are rarely displayed in Twitch’s front page as recommended streams, if users sort by the highest-viewed channels, they may see a number of hot tub streams on the home page, as xQc mentions.

Fellow streamer Asmongold has argued that by allowing the ‘meta’ to continue, Twitch is contributing to an “anti-women sentiment” on the platform. The majority of Twitch users and streamers are male (by some estimates over 65%).

Twitch has not addressed the controversy over the hot tub ‘meta’ at all so far. As more big names in the Twitch community speak out, the pressure builds on the Amazon-owned platform to respond.

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