True Geordie responds after DMs leak online

Calum Patterson

Popular British YouTuber Brian ‘True Geordie‘ Davis has responded after DM’s between himself and a partner were leaked in August, revealing some messages.

Initially, the messages caused confusion, with some speculating that they had been faked via a hack, and Geordie kept fans in the dark for a few days with no immediate response.

The conversation was incredibly explicit, even with some of it blanked out, and the extreme nature of the messages led to many believing it was a hoax.

YouTube: TrueGeordieTrueGeordie was subjected to a roast by Stephen Tries over his leaked DM’s.

Finally, on August 24, True Geordie responded on his 1.6 million subscribed-YouTube channel, during his popular ‘True News’ show, joined by frequent co-host Laurence.

To get things off on a light-hearted note, Geordie was subjected to a roast by fellow YouTuber Stephen Tries, who reeled off some witty puns including: ‘Apparently you were really drunk when you sent those messages – it’s not the first time you’ve been sh*t-faced.”

Geordie did get down to the nitty-gritty though, admitting that the messages were in fact real, explaining: “Sometimes you just go down a road. Dirty messages flying back and forth, you just want to say the sickest sh*t possible, so that you can outdo each other. This is just fantasy talk.”

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He continued: “I get that for a lot of people, that’s quite extreme, but, I don’t know, sometimes my brain just goes places if I’m having a dirty conversation. It doesn’t mean it’s all real.”

When asked about the “shit on me” remark, Geordie explained, “No, not really. No one actually wants someone to squat over them and shit on them. It’s just something people would say, well, something I would say.”

The leaked DM’s even sent True Geordie to number two on Twitter’s trending column in the UK, and his response video has already racked up over a million views.

Feedback from fans has been generally positive, with comments like “Once you own it they can’t win,” and “Geordie took this like a champ, didn’t deny it like most people would have, big respect, it’s his private life, not anyone else’s to judge.”

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