True Geordie doesn’t think McGregor is ready for a rematch with Khabib

Virginia Glaze

YouTuber and internet sportscaster Brian ‘True Geordie’ Davis published his thoughts on the recent UFC 229 in a video, where he claimed that Conor McGregor might not be ready for a rematch with Khabib Nurmagomedov.

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While Geordie stated that he normally advocated for rematches in regards to McGregor, he felt that audiences hadn’t seen enough out of the fighter during UFC 229 to prompt an entertaining rematch with Khabib.

“We haven’t seen anything so far that really says Conor McGregor can beat Khabib,” he said.

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He also held that Khabib’s performance “legitimized every criticism anyone has ever had” in regards to McGregor’s career.

“Win, lose, or draw, they’re on to the next one,” he said of coach John Kavanaugh’s attitude toward the match. “Not this one. This jeopardizes everything.”

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Geordie then stated that McGregor would have to beat Khabib in order to be seen as ‘the best fighter in the world’ – which isn’t looking likely, as Khabib faces potential suspension for his assault on McGregor’s Jiu Jitsu coach following his victory.

“He has to go and beat Khabib – but there’s work to be done,” he admitted.

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While Geordie is a diehard McGregor fan, he respected Khabib’s performance in the octagon, feeling that he put on a ‘world-class performance’ at UFC 229.

Khabib’s win over McGregor was cut short after a crowd-wide brawl ensued when Khabib and his teammates assaulted McGregor and his Jiu Jitsu trainer. While sources have stated that McGregor’s cornerman incited Khabib’s actions, the fighter faces major punishment from the UFC.