Khabib could lose his title for assaulting McGregor’s Jiu Jitsu coach at UFC 229 - Dexerto

Khabib could lose his title for assaulting McGregor’s Jiu Jitsu coach at UFC 229

Published: 7/Oct/2018 21:29 Updated: 7/Oct/2018 23:07

by Virginia Glaze


UFC 229 erupted into a crowd-wide brawl after Khabib climbed out of the octagon to throw punches at Conor McGregor’s Jiu Jitsu coach.

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He wasn’t the only one to throw hands, either. Khabib’s teammate likewise took a swing at McGregor, who had just taken a major loss to his opponent.

However, Khabib’s actions weren’t without reason – according UFC president Dana White, McGregor’s cornerman incited the brawl that prompted Khabib’s attack.

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White has since come forward with a statement on the matter, where he said that Khabib could face a suspension for the post-match brawlout.


“There could be a suspension for Khabib,” he stated in response to an ESPN reporter. “Are these guys gonna get Visas again to get back in the country? Big fines? It’s a big deal.”

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According to White, Khabib’s check for the event is being withheld, and the UFC is currently turning over the match’s film to the Nevada State Athletic Commission pending investigation.

A report from ESPN likewise stated that the state commission could suspend Khabib, which would include the stripping of his belt.

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Khabib has since apologized to the state of Nevada and Las Vegas for his actions, but feels as though he was justified due to McGregor’s remarks toward his religion, family, and nationality. McGregor has responded to the incident in kind, tweeting, “Good knock. Looking forward to the rematch.”


The two continue to insult each other through social media, despite the major legal implications of the post-match brawl.