Trisha Paytas leaks “coward” Jason Nash’s texts amid Vlog Squad scandal

Charlotte Colombo
Instagram: Trisha Paytas/Jason Nash

YouTuber Trisha Paytas has leaked various texts sent by her ex-boyfriend and Vlog Squad member Jason Nash, while also posting supposed screenshots of texts between Nash and his current girlfriend. 

47-year-old comedian Jason Nash has definitely been in the firing line given the spate of bullying, sexual assault and harassment allegations against his friend David Dobrik and other fellow members of the Vlog Squad.

Usually considered to be Dobrik’s right-hand man, Nash has found himself in hot water over the YouTube stars “pranks,” albeit mostly by association. However, he has also found himself in additional controversy after footage of him with a then-2o-year-old Tana Mongeau resurfaced.

The clip, posted on TikTok by user Nicold Miles, appears to show Nash kissing Mongeau in a dressing room without her consent. “I thought you wanted me to,” he can be heard saying in the footage.


Meanwhile, Trisha Paytas, who dated Nash between 2017 and 2019, revealed in a live episode of her podcast ‘Frenemies’ that her ex has been trying to get in touch while Dobrik continues to face the consequences of various allegations.

She revealed that, as well as Jason calling her multiple times, he also tried to contact her via Instagram and by text. Although Paytas says she didn’t respond to the attempts to get in contact, she did share screenshots of the messages.

“The f**king heart,” her co-host, Ethan Klein, said. “The balls on this guy to send you a heart after all this time. You’re engaged.”

YouTube: H3 podcast.
Trisha claims that she hadn’t heard from her ex in years prior to the messages.

Jason Nash caught arguing with woman by paparazzi

In the days following the text messages being leaked, paparazzi at The Hollywood Fix caught footage of Nash having a heated argument with alleged girlfriend, 23-year-old Rachel Velasco. She can be seen leaving his car and crying on the curb following the argument.

While the cause of the fight is unconfirmed, many fans speculated that it was due to the fact that he had tried to contact his ex; “It’s probably about that heart he sent Trisha,” one Twitter user suggested.

Trisha Paytas leaks text conversation between Jason Nash & his girlfriend

Following that confrontation, Paytas posted a range of screenshots on Twitter which she claimed are a text conversation between Nash and his current girlfriend.

In the text conversation, Nash appears to tell the woman he is texting that he is “calling ex now so this [the controversy around the Vlog Squad] all stops.” While it is unclear which “ex” he is referring to, Paytas points out that it “adds up to the timeline where he texted me.”


Paytas then called him out on Twitter for thinking that “all I ever wanted was for him to acknowledge me and ‘it all stops’. What narcissist thinks I’m standing by victims because he hasn’t called me?”

Nash is yet to respond publicly to the Tweets.