Trisha Paytas ‘exposed’ for ghosting fellow YouTuber Nikocado Avocado and lying about it

Trisha Paytas, Instagram / Nikocado Avocado, YouTube

Popular YouTuber Trisha Paytas is no stranger to controversy – but this time, she’s under fire for some serious drama with a fan and fellow content creator on the platform.

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YouTuber Nikocado Avocado uploaded a video on May 10, where he exposed Paytas for, allegedly, completely ghosting him after making plans to meet up.

However, this wasn’t just any hangout; Nikocado had actually flown from Colombia to Los Angeles to meet up with Paytas, after the two had discussed flights and ideas for collaborative videos together, as evidenced by screenshots that Nikocado claims are of their direct messages.

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“I won’t be able to move on until I let people know what happened, and what she did to me, and how it made me feel.” Nikocado tearily said of the issue. “This hurt a lot more, what I went through with Trisha. It hurt so much. And I’ve never talked about it.”

The drama began after Nikocado created an instrumental cover of Paytas’s song “Warrior” in 2017 for a contest, after which she claimed to be a professed fan of his work and made an effort to get in touch with him for a collaborative video.

Nikocado Avocado, YouTubeAlleged screenshots of messages between Nikocado and Paytas show that the two made plans to meet up – which were later ignored after Niko made the trek to LA.
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When Nikocado finally made the trek to Los Angeles, he apparently found himself ghosted by the YouTube star for the entire week – who explained her absence in a series of videos after the fact, claiming that she had “no idea” that he was even traveling to see her and even professed not to know him outside of his cover of her song.

“I was never going to,” Paytas said of the matter during one video. “I was never going to collab, you know what I mean? I don’t know where that came from!”

According to Nikocado, Paytas went on to edit their messages and even spread the faked screenshots across the web, prompting her audience to send a slew of hate his way for being a “desperate social climber” and a “manipulative person.”

Paytas has since uploaded a 43-minute long video on the topic, where she claimed that she was “not comfortable meeting up” with someone she hadn’t yet met, appearing to question his mental state due to a video of Nikocado “waving a knife” at his husband.

Paytas has come under fire from fans and various members of the community, including Drama Alert’s Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem, for changing her story and, if the supplied evidence is to be believed, smearing Nikocado’s name in an attempt to divert attention from her actions.

Paytas was recently called out by YouTuber Ethan Klein of H3H3 for photshopping her Instagram pictures – he claimed that such practices are damaging to Paytas’ young audience, who might try to achieve such impossible standards of beauty.

However, Klein’s video garnered ample backlash, after some viewers took issue with him calling women in unedited photos “manatees” or “Twinkies,” with Paytas herself calling Klein’s video “predatory.”