Trick-or-treater goes viral on TikTok for perfect response to candy-stealing dad

Viral candy stealing tiktokFlickr/ginnerobot/TikTok/t4yl0r

A young trick-or-treater has gone viral on TikTok after her father encouraged her to steal candy intended for other kids on Halloween night.

If you’ve ever been trick-or-treating as a kid, chances are you’ve come across a house where the owner simply left a bowl of candy with a note saying “take one.”

That’s exactly what happened to a young girl who went to a neighbor’s house and saw that a bowl was left with candy inside. While the girl only took some candy, her dad pressured her to take more.

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Amusingly, the home owner’s security system seems to have caught the whole ordeal on camera and shared the footage on TikTok.

Halloween nightPixabay
A young girl tried to save Halloween for more kids.

Young girl stands up to candy-stealing dad

“Did you take everything that was in there?” the dad asked.

“I only took a little bit,” the girl explained, defying her father who wanted her to empty the entire bowl.

Captions added to the footage state this the incident took place at 7 PM and the homeowner was expecting more kids to show up later in the night.

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Following this exchange, the girl’s dad walked up to the steps and began to pour the entire bowl of treats into her bag despite the young trick-or-treater’s pleas for him not to.

“Leave some for the trick-or-treaters,” she said. Luckily, it does seem like her father left some candy in the bowl, but still put the majority in her bag.

Since being posted on November 1 by TikToker t4yl0r, the clip exploded online earning a whopping three million views.

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Halloween candy treatspxhere
You’re never too old for Halloween candy.

“Be kind and teach your kids the right thing! This little one was too cute but sadly the parent ruined it,” the caption said.

While the father’s antics leave a lot to be desired, the girl did the right thing by wanting to leave some candy for other kids. A true hero of Halloween.

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