Mandalorian fan goes viral on TikTok after turning a thong into the perfect cosplay

Mandalorian cosplayer using thong on tiktokLucas Film/TikTok/rudy_willingham

A Star Wars fan’s low-budget Mandalorian Halloween costume is going viral on TikTok after the cosplayer used a thong of all things to complete the outfit.

The Mandalorian has been one of the most successful Star Wars shows since Disney bought the franchise back in 2012 for over $4 billion. Since then, fans have been extremely disappointed in the sequel trilogy, but The Mandalorian has helped remedy a lot of the criticism.

With the show’s Bounty Hunter protagonist, Din Djarin, being so popular and a third season of the series on the way, TikToker Rudy_Willingham decided to dress up as him for Halloween.

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However, not wanting to spend an arm and a leg on a costume, he instead improvised with an outlandish low-cost cosplay that involved a thong of all things. Needless to say, fans were loving it.

Absurd Mandalorian cosplay goes viral on TikTok

By using a small tin garbage can and putting a black thong over it, the TikToker was able to create something that looked quite similar to The Mandalorian’s helmet from the show.

That’s not where the silliness ends, though. By taking a fruit and wrapping it in a cloth, he was able to create something that could pass for Baby Yoda – another of the series’ fan-favorite characters.

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To follow it up, the cosplayer equipped some tinfoil trays, attached them to his chest and legs and boom. He had himself a full Mandalorian cosplay in time for Halloween.

Mandalorian cosplay on tiktokTikTok/rudy_willingham
Fans are loving this low-cost Mandalorian cosplay.

Fans went crazy for it, viewing it over 4.5 million times. While some mocked the use of the thong, dubbing it the “Thongalorian,” others praised the simplicity of it all.

“Low key, that’s actually smart,” one user wrote.

“You sir, are a genius,” another commented.

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It just goes to show that sometimes a little creativity can go a long way – something that Rudy_Willingham definitely has quite a lot of.

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