Jimmy Jones TikTok drama: Assault allegations denied by TikToker

Jimmy Jones TikTokTikTok: jimmydjonesiii

TikTok star Jimmy Jones has been accused of assaulting the woman he cheated on his girlfriend Brianna with, as controversy and rumors surrounding the situation continue to unfold.

Jimmy Jones has almost 1 million followers on TikTok at the time of writing, regularly posting comedy skits that earn millions of likes.

While he’s normally seen giving his viewers something to laugh at and brighten their day, he’s had to open up a bit more about his personal life with girlfriend Brianna, as drama and accusations are starting to run rampant.

Jimmy Jones TikTok drama

Jimmy Jones and girlfriend BriannaInstagram: its_brianna_m
Jimmy and Brianna have split, and things went seriously south.

The Jimmy Jones TikTok drama is multi-faceted. In a video posted on October 29, Jones admitted to kissing another woman, which led to his and Brianna’s eventual breakup.

“Me and Brianna broke up because I had a change of heart and I did not want to have children and she wanted to have children no matter what,” he said. “A week later, she found out I had lied about me kissing a girl. Kissing, yes, I cheated. I’m a cheater.

“I kissed a girl and I laid in bed with her. Spent the night, nothing more.”

What did Jimmy Jones do?

In the above video, he also addressed the accusations being made against him, denying any allegations.

“Let me be very frank and clear with you right now,” he said. “I’ve never assaulted, battered, or harassed anybody in my whole life. We broke up because we were on two different sides of a make-or-break decision… I kissed a girl, but nothing else happened besides a kiss.”

It’s hard to know exactly what he is being accused of, with no stonewall allegations being made public, but he denies any assault, battery, and harassment accusations vehemently.

Whether the exact accusations become public knowledge remains to be seen.