Trainwrecks donates $64,000 in Bitcoin to StableRonaldo’s mom on Twitch

Jacob Hale
Twitch: TrainwrecksTV, StableRonaldo

Twitch star Trainwrecks’ streak of generosity seems to be never-ending, and he’s now donated around $64,000 in Bitcoin to StableRonaldo to give to his mom.

Trainwrecks has seen a lot of success on Twitch, and throughout 2021 has made a habit of giving money away to his friends and people who need it the most.

He donated $20,000 to Call of Duty League pro Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter as a late wedding gift and to Twitch streamer Buddha after the passing of his mother.

He’s not stopping there, though, and has made a very generous donation to StableRonaldo’s mom while Ron himself was streaming on Twitch.

Twitch streamer Trainwreckstv responds to viewers
Twitch: Trainwreckstv
Trainwrecks has become a particularly generous streamer on Twitch.

After urging Ronaldo to bring his mom into the room so he could hop in a call with her, they had a short chat before the conversation quickly moved on to Bitcoin.

After she explained that she doesn’t have a Bitcoin wallet, but that Ronaldo does, Train said: “I’m going to give you $64,000 [1 Bitcoin], you can cash it out if you want, but half is for you and half is for your son. But I suggest you get access to his wallet and hold it for him, so he doesn’t do anything stupid.”

After they had confirmed the Bitcoin had gone through to Ronaldo’s wallet, both he and his mother started crying, clearly overwhelmed by Train’s generosity and what this would mean for them.

Ronaldo’s mom explained to Train exactly how it would change their life, incredibly grateful for his donation. “My dog is having surgery in two weeks, I’m buying out my business partner, I’m trying to catch up on all the bills that I owe.”

Adding that she “doesn’t want to take money” from her son, the money could clearly go a long way for Ronaldo’s mom — and it’s clearly something all parties were delighted about.