Twitch streamer ignores possible apartment fire to open CSGO cases


Twitch streamer Trainwrecks didn’t appear to care that his apartment may have been on fire during an October 8 broadcast. 

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The Counter-Strike player was opening up cases trying to get new knives where suddenly the fire alarm went off, startling the streamer and Greekgodx, who was chatting with him during the case openings. 

“What the f**k?” Greek gasped as Trainwrecks looked behind in sheer confusion. 

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“Fire alarm, fire alarm, fire alarm!” Trainwrecks repeated informing his chat at what the loud noise was. After deciding whether or he stay or go, Greek eventually convinced the streamer to get out in case there was a fire. At least, that was the plan.

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Despite originally getting out of his chair and heading towards the door, Trainwrecks went right back to his computer to keep opening cases. 

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“Dude, I want a butterfly knife,” he said after sitting down as the fire alarm continued sounding. “Opening cases, baby! Fire or no fire. Hey, the dedication’s real! Give. Me. A. Knife!”

Something still didn’t quite feel right for Trainwrecks though, as he got up again to check things out. The investigation didn’t last very long, because once again Trainwrecks returned without answers to open more cases. 

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“Is there an actual fire? I’m so confused!” he exclaimed. 

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“Check for f**k’s sake,” Greek urged. 

A few moments later Trainwrecks took a phone call as the alarm beeped on for a good ten minutes or so. Finally, the streamer decided enough was enough and he had to see what was really going on in his apartment. 

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“Yo, I gotta check this out, chat,” he panicked and went to his door. “I gotta see what’s going on here, boys.” 

After disappearing off-screen for a few minutes, finally the fire alarm stopped and Trainwrecks returned to his stream like nothing happened.

It was truly a bizarre spectacle with neither Greek or Trainwrecks aware of what was going on. Given that Trainwrecks came back to his stream so quickly would probably be a sign that there wasn’t an actual fire. That extinguished speculation that the building was burning down.

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According to the unofficial Twitch stat-tracking site Twitchmetrics, TrainwrecksTV has gathered nearly 375K followers since joining the site in 2014 and is the #2 watched Just Chatting channel on the site.