Trainwreck says Kick signing Dr Disrespect, NICKMERCS & Kai Cenat would be “wild”

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Kick co-founder Trainwreck has explained how “wild” it’d be to sign streaming stars such as Dr Disrespect, NICKMERCS and Kai Cenat to the new platform.

Kick has made major strides in the streaming world, even going toe to toe with some of the biggest platforms since its launch in late 2022.

Kick has even battled to rival the titan of the industry Twitch, offering lucrative contracts and perks such as a much better subscription revenue share compared to the Amazon-owned platform.

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While numerous streamers have already made the switch, the platform’s co-founder Trainwreck has teased the idea of taking massive stars from their rivals.

Trainwreck toys with idea of signing huge Twitch streamers

While speaking with content creator YourRAGE, the Kick co-founder toyed around with the idea of signing more massive stars from Twitch. Listing several high-profile targets, the 32-year-old began explaining how wild it’d be if they could actually bring them over to the new platform.

“Do you know how wild it’d be if we had you, Bruce, Dr Disrespect, NICKMERCS, Summit, and Kai on the platform?” he said. “That’d be a crazy setup, wouldn’t it?”

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“Yeah that’d be almost ggs,” YourRAGE responded, to which Train replied: “That’d be crazy, yeah, that’d be wild.”

When asked if he had maybe leaked Kick’s future plans when it comes to signing talent, the platform co-founder reasoned that he was just teasing the idea. “No, I’m just bullsh***ing for the bullsh*t. That sh*t would be wild though, wouldn’t it?” he said.

Recently, Adin Ross, who made the jump to Kick following his permanent ban from Twitch, teased that yet a “mega-superstar” has been signed by the platform.

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At the moment, it’s hard to tell who the superstar streamer might actually be. Although with record-breaking streamer Kai Cenat currently banned on Twitch, it certainly opens the door for Kick to sign their biggest creator yet.

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