Trainwreck responds to backlash over Stake connection to Kick streaming platform

trainwreckTwitch: Trainwreckstv

Streamer Trackwreck said those who don’t like the connection between the gambling website and the new streaming platform Kick shouldn’t use the new broadcasting site that he’s been promoting.

Kick is a new broadcasting site backed by popular gambling streamer Trainwreck which looks to rival Twitch as a premiere streaming site.

On December 6, the website received backlash after it was uncovered that Kick is backed by crypto gambling site’s owner Ed Craven, information later confirmed by Train himself.

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After the connection was revealed, Train took to his Twitch channel and made it clear to his viewers that if they don’t like the connection between Stake and Kick, they can find a different website to use.

Trainwreck says don’t use Kick if you don’t like Stake connection

Trainwreck was streaming on December 6 when he told his live viewers that Kick isn’t the site for them if they don’t like the close relation to Stake.

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“If you have an issue with Eddie, the owner of Stake, being an investor in Kick, then don’t stream on Kick. Do not view streams on Kick. I’m confident in the future of the platform I’m advising for.”

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He then added, “I’m confident in the future, so much so that I will come out and say that, straight up. Don’t stream on it. Don’t view it. Do you understand? It’s that simple for me.”

Although the platform is brand new, Trainwreck has a huge amount of confidence that the site will be able to grow despite the negative feedback, going as far as to shoo away skeptics.

It remains to be seen whether Kick can sustain growth while pushing away creators and users who aren’t thrilled with its connections to a crypto gambling website.

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