djWHEAT slams Kick streaming platform as a “sham”

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Former Director of Creator Development at Twitch Marcus “djWHEAT” Graham roasted the new streaming platform from streamer Trainwreck, called Kick.

djWHEAT used to be one of the biggest voices inside Twitch, serving as a Director of Creator Development for 11 years.

Since stepping away from the company in January 2022, Graham still comments on various happenings in the streaming world including even bashing his previous employer in the process.

Now, Wheat is back in the news, this time for blasting the brand-new streaming site Kick.

djWHEAT roasts Kick as a “sham” of a streaming platform

On December 6, it was revealed that Kick, promoted by streamer Trainwreck, is connected to despite not publicly making the connection clear.

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Wheat then chimed in on the controversy by hitting out at the platform.

“I’ve seen a lot of sh*t in my 23 years of internet broadcasting. I can say confidently that is a sham. I can’t sit idly by and watch nonsense be thrown out into the world as a beacon of hope for creators.”

He continued, “Train’s Twitlonger has so many conflicting statements and elements that anyone with platform experience in this space would look at and go, ‘that makes no f*cking sense.’ I’m all for chasing your dreams, but I’m not ok with letting creators be the collateral damage.”

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Graham proposed a few questions about the site that “don’t add up” including, “Why would a crypto gambling site fund/back/launch their own live-streaming service?” and “How does that actually equate to “creator first?”

Wheat doesn’t believe Kick has any right to be a popular streaming platform, and called the lack of transparency about the website’s relationship to Stake “troubling.”