TommyInnit’s beard gets Logan Paul’s approval after fans’ “brother” comparison

Emma Hill
TommyInnit and Logan Paul

Minecraft star TommyInnit decided to show off his new facial features on Twitter. However, it didn’t take long for fans to start comparing him to his fellow content creator Logan Paul. 

TommyInnit may only be 18-years-old, but he’s already conquered YouTube thanks to his Minecraft-fuelled videos and livestreams.

With 11.6M subscribers on the Google-owned platform as of writing, it’s no surprise that he caught the attention of some of the biggest names in the community. One of them was YouTuber and former Vine star Logan Paul who even invited Tommy along for a podcast.

However, Tommy didn’t get the reaction he was hoping for when he debuted his newly-grown beard to fans on social media as many pointed out he bears a striking resemblance to the imPAULSIVE host.

TommyInnit streaming
TommyInnit has always appeared clean shaved in his livestreams. Until now.

TommyInnit fans compare new look to Logan Paul

On May 22, Tommy posted a couple of pictures on Twitter to show off his new beard. He also took the opportunity to poke fun at viewers who troll him for his youthful appearance: “I’ve grown a beard. Who you calling ‘Child’ now, B**ch.”

However, it didn’t receive the best response as numerous Twitter users and content creators mocked him for his new hairy features. Even his fellow Minecraft fan Dream added fuel to the fire, saying Tommy’s beard “sucks.”

It only further escalated when one fan claimed that Tommy’s latest look made him “look like Logan Paul.” Similarly to Tommy, the Maverick is well-known for his curly blonde locks and bushy beard.

The tweet was met with a wave of support with as one user claimed he “legit could be Logan Paul’s youngest brother.”

It wasn’t long before Logan himself shared his thoughts on the comparison. Seeming to agree with Tommy’s fans, he shared a picture of the ‘Spider-Man Double Meme’ suggesting that he also spotted the similarities.

Yet, the feedback wasn’t all completely negative with many of Tommy’s fans rushing to welcome the change. One fan ordered him to ignore his haters and embrace his new set of whiskers: “Keep that sh*t, don’t shave it. In fact, don’t even style it make sure it’s as patchy as possible.”

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